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Why hire a professional translator?

Professional translation services are of paramount importance if you are thinking about offering your material in different languages.


Whether it is a professional website, an article you have written, a brochure for your clients, or a video that needs subtitles, its reach will increase exponentially if you offer it to your clients in their language.

I provide bespoke translations and interpreting services from English, French, and Spanish into Italian, and you will benefit from my experience, which includes long collaborations with private and corporate clients.

Fields of specialism

I work with various types of texts from different fields but literary translation and the environment are two of my specialist fields.


For more details on other texts I translate, please check Services offered.



Literary translation

Literary translation is often opposed to technical translation as if literary texts presented no specific difficulties. It is important to note that while many literary texts also include technical terminology, all of them have a peculiar style which represents the author, and that rhythm and lexis are never accidental, but rather the result of deliberate choices.


A literary translator must read the text in depth and analyse each aspect in order to give the target reader a product that respects the peculiarities of the source text.


If you are curious about reading some of my work, below you can download two short stories that I translated from Spanish into Italian, they are part of a collaboration with a new culture magazine called Just-Lit.

The causes and effects of anthropogenic environmental change are becoming increasingly more evident and it is important that trustworthy information is accessible to all.


The translation of articles and research materials increases their audience, improves awareness of key issues such as climate change and biodiversity loss, and aids in the development and support of proposed policies and resolutions.


I can ensure that your essays, journal articles, and other environmental literature reach the Italian public.

Just-Lit Dec 2021 issue

Just-Lit March 2021 issue

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